Sunday, February 20, 2011

Items up for reservation.

Note: These items are subject to availability. Kindly e-mail me at for more details.

                                                           Furry Cinnamonroll Plush
Approx. 32cm long and 60cm wide.
Very cuddly and soft.
Selling @ $35 each.
New in stock. While stock last!

Fansclub Rilakuma Music Speaker

Available blue design only.
Suitable for iPhone and iTouch.
Selling @ $25.

The Dog - Black Series (45cm)

The Dog - Light Grey Series

Disney Sega XL Marshmellow Eye Plush

                                                     Disney Sega XL Pink Bunny (40cm)

New New Items Available.

Fansclub XL Rilakkuma Bolster

Approx. 60cm long.
Available only design on the left.
Selling at $35.

Fansclub Plush Duckie

Approx. 15cm.
Available all except top left design.
Selling @ $12 each / 3 for $30.

                                                         OSIM uEco Genius 3-in-1 cleaner
-Click on the picture to see its functions-
Selling @ $800. (Brand New)
** Usual price @ OSIM - $1,138.00 **

Disney Sega Knitted Colourful Stitch & Friends
Approx. 13cm.
Available all 4 designs.
Selling @ $12 each / 4 for $40.

Disney Sega Casper The Ghost
Approx. 16cm.
Available all 4 designs.
Selling @ $10 each / 4 for $30.

Disney Sega Halloween Series Stitch & Friends
Approx. 15cm.
Available Mickey & Minnie only.
Selling @ $12 each / 2 for $18

Tryworks Burger Capybara Series
Approx. 10cm.
Available Top designs only.
Selling @ $13 each.

Tryworks Natural Bakery Medium Capybara Series
Approx. 10cm.
Available only Brown Capy.
Selling @ $15.

Precious Moment Wedding Bell Figure with Music
The the knob for the wedding bell chime.
Limited collector edition.
Best wedding gift
Selling @ $50

Tryworks Capybara Umbrella
Available Brown design only.
2 in stock.
Selling @ $28 each.

Tryworks Bath Time Capybara Series
Approx. 34cm.
Available Brown only.
Selling @ $28.

Sanrio Furry Kuromi Plush
Approx. 50cm.
Available both designs.
Selling @ $25 each / $40 a set.

Tryworks Capybara Speaker
Approx. 15cm tall.
Available Pink only.
Selling @ $25.

Disney Sega XL Noconoco Pooh
Approx. 40cm.
Available 1 in stock.
Selling @ $30.