Saturday, April 17, 2010

Items available! =D

Hello Kitty Wireless MP3 and FM receiver with Speaker
Approx 40cm
Selling @ $40.

e-Eikoh 3-Section Hello Kitty Frying Pan
Approx. 50cm long.
Available Pink only.
Selling @ $40.

Disney Light-up Pens
Approx. 15m.
Available Stitch, Scrump and Lilo.
Selling @ $18 for Scrump/ $14 each for Stitch and Lilo.
(Stitch and Lilo SOLD)

Hello Kitty Web Camera
Selling @ $40.

Disney Sega Moving Pooh Sitting on Toy Horse
Approx. 25cm.
Selling @ $35.

Disney Sega Characters Socks
Available Bob The Eye only.
Selling @ $13.

Taito Doraemon Sound Effects Digital Alarm Clock
Approx. 11cm (height) x 12.5cm (width).
Available 1 in stock.
Selling @ $40.

Chewing Gum Correction Tape
Approx 15cm
Selling @ $8 each

Solar Energy Sushi Character
Selling @ $12

Disney Sega Baby Pooh and Piglet Plush
Approx. 30cm.
Available Piglet only.
Selling @ $28.

Moi Bird Bird Large Beanie
Approx. 28cm.
Selling @ $20.

Disney Sega Mickey Air Humidifier
Approx. 25cm.
Selling @ $22.

Fruity Plushies
Approx. 15cm.
Selling @ $8 each / Set for $12.